Manual Bilge Pump Flush Mount

Next generation manual bilge pump flush mount.
The Captain's Choice.

General Purpose Pump FIP F4

Next generation general purpose pump.
The Captain's Choice.

Bilge Pump Heavy Duty

Next generation heavy duty bilge pump.
The Captain's Choice.

Replacement impellers

Next generation replacement impellers.
The Captain's Choice.

In-Peller Tool Kit

Next generation in-peller tool kit.
The Captain's Choice.

The Captains Choice

Our focus is value for you. Simple as that.

Thanks to modern technologies and by careful evaluation we can provide the best value to improve the competitiveness of our customers. Our products is what people with knowledge and experience would call The Captain’s Choice. We deliver a high level of service for our customers and end users of our products. Captain’s Choice is a safe choice.

The Captains choice

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